Affordable Mechanics of America

No Auto Shops or Dealers Can Compete with us. $1 Million for New Stores.

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No one trusts mechanics. No one trusts car dealers. We exist to change that and we are founded, funded and led by a longtime auto industry executive with 15 years of direct, ground up experience..  We are raising $1 million in this 2022 round for additional capital to help fund our expansion of righteous, upscale, professional locations. Business has been operating for years and will have $3-4 million in sales this year, and approximately $8-10 million in 2023 *without* investment. Investment will only move us along at a faster pace. This is the firs time we have offered a position to investors. We have strong assets and strong cash/semi-liquid assets. The company has extremely high customer reviews and is a major hit in every market it operates in. We make our money by doing quality work, for a fair price. We deliver exceptional value to the customer -- no one can compete with our pricing structure and the amenities we offer, such as Black Car courtesy car to and from the shops. The company is ready to scale and undergoing that effort now. We have the funds to do this ourselves, but we believe taking additional capital is the best play and the most efficient path to top potential. Company has a strong net worth and a long history of borrowing and repaying. Sales in 2023 are estimated at $8-10million.

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