Aero-Sol-Away, LLC

Raising $300,000 to fund marketing and inventory for my invention to protect dentists from harmful aerosols

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AeroSol Away is an invention used to significantly reduce aerosols created during dental treatment. It is easily attached to a dental chair and uses a HEPA filter to eliminate potentially dangerous aerosols. The design is simple and elegant and incredibly effective. It was tested at a major university and found to be 95% effective in removing aerosols. With COVID 19, dental professionals are in a Very High Risk category of work. AeroSol Away is designed to protect dentist and hygienists from aerosols created during treatment.
I am a practicing dentist and when we were shut down, I couldn't find a good device to protect myself and my staff, so I made one and patented the idea (and other variations!) After multiple variations, I now have a device that is proven effective, is easy to setup and work. I have 15 of my design in my own office. My staff won't practice without them and patients love that they work incredibly well!
I am looking for an investor to help guide us through the initial marketing and getting our inventory so we can have product to sell as well as into the future as we gain market share and brand awareness. There are over 200,000 dentists in the USA alone. If they each have 3 dental chairs, that is 600,000 chairs that need AeroSol Away. If we get 10% market share (60,000 units at $2495/unit) we could potentially see revenue of nearly $150M!

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