Advanced Coatings Engineering LLC

Peel and stick bullet proofing for windows and glass protection

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Seeking:  $15,000,000.00 equity investment based on pre-money valuation of $57,000,000.00

Opportunity:  The world’s first fully tested bullet proof glass replacement and glass protection technology.  Protection from gunfire, bomb blasts, burglary and extreme weather. 

The technology:  50% lighter, thinner, faster, less expensive than traditional BR glass 

Situation:  Sales and opportunities are outpacing the Company’s ability to deliver  

Use of funds:  Invest in flexible manufacturing systems and grow the team to meet current demand and the market opportunity.  

Current financial profile:   Current fiscal (Fiscal 2022) revenues of $7.3M and growing at organic rate of 20% - 30% per year.   Historical EBITDA 10% - 15% / year.   Debt free.   Profitable and operating on cash generated from operations (i.e. profitable).  Closely held with no external investors.   

Clients and adoption:  Blue-chip client base (Apple, Washington Post, FOX, US Marine Corp, US Navy, Department of Justice, Facebook, Forbes List UHNW individuals, sole source municipal contracts and many others) 

Future expansion:  Franchising strategy in North America and international dealership distribution and licensing rights.  

Exit:  Series B round for future growth or position company for $250M + strategic acquisition – 18-24 months 

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