Raising 1 Mil to set up our high tech adsorbent material production line to sell adsorbents as product to the industries and also using it for building biogas upgrading plant

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We are going to set up a lab and production line in Squamish and make high tech materials as adsorbent. Our technology is proven and game changing. We will make adsorbent that can adsorb Carbon dioxide efficiently and cost effectively. We will use the adsorbent to upgrade Biogas and produce Renewable Natural Gas(RNG) from farm waste, waste water and landfills. our technology compared to available conventional technologies can reduce costs at the level of Natural gas. There are at least 36 big landfills in BC close to Natural gas pipeline and our product and designed plants can upgrade biogas into pure methane with unbeatable costs in order to inject the gas into gas grid. We are going to invest 300K as seed money but require investor to complete our seed and Round A of material production line. We will sell our high demand produced raw material to the industries as our first product and then while we are earning from our sale we will discuss to present our technology to Municipalities or FortisBC to convince them to try our demo biogas upgrading pant in one of BC landfills such as Squamish Landfill hopefully. With our technology instead of flaring landfill gas or producing electricity low efficiently, can produce RNG. Currently energy utilities have to provide 5% of their gas from Renewable sources while they hardly meet 1% and producing RNG from landfills and small scale farm biogas can make it reachable. Our technology despite of our competitors' is affordable for small farms to upgrade their produced biogas into pure methane(RNG). We are ready to present our technology and business for interested investors. From 2019  in our incorporation in  Vancouver Adroitech Inc., we have developed and  produced the sample of our adsorbent made of fictionalized Nonoporous materials and  tested it successfully for Hydrogen and carbon dioxide separation. Now we will have a corporation spinoff  to commercializing it in our new established  Adroitech Biogas Upgraing Solution Inc. There is no same product with same efficiency in the market. Interested angel investors are welcome to invest 1 Million dollar. We will run two production line and our product can get ready within one year from establishing and more important that one Hydrogen plant in Canada and one biogas upgrading company in US are ready to purchase our product from now and we have customer. We are ready to have a video presentation for interested angel investors. Thank you

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