AcuteWave Inc

Raising $3m to fight the opioid pandemic

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Over 50 million adults in the US suffer from acute and or chronic pain according to the CDC. 

AcuteWave is the leader in shockwave therapy for pain management, treating both acute and chronic pain. We do this without the use of medications, injections, or surgery. Our protocols are pain free, safe, and have no known side effects. We use FDA approved equipment, and our protocols have been approved by the FDA for pain management using Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT®).

We provide non invasive, no medications, no surgery solution for acute and chronic pain using EPAT. 

We are looking to expand nationwide and help providers across the United States offer our program to their patients. We believe we can help in defeating the opioid pandemic that is taking the lives of so many fellow Americans.

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