AHIT Ability & Habit Improving Technology

I'm here to change the world with AHIT

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I'm here to teach people understand life to the point where they choose to pay attention and adapt as best they can because their happiness depends on it.  AHIT is Ability & Habit Improving Technology is an online program people use virtual and augmented reality to strengthen their body and minds faster and more effectively than anything on the market by a lot, 3, 5 10 times faster; Time will tell.  Equally important I believe we will reach a billion people in less than 5 years.  My goal Christmas 2026, could get there sooner.  In 20 years we'll change the landscape of the health industry.  AHIT will cause the economic resources devoted to serving the weak and sick to adapt to serving the strong and smart.  I am still creative at 62 and believe my creativity will survive until I get the music inside of me out to help people.  I have more ideas to help people.  This is my best idea we can attach others to, to help more people. 

If the patent gets approved I'll be making way more money I'll need to live an awesome life, I intend to donate a significant percentage of the income from the patent to spreading AHIT around the world, including giving the technology to all those who cannot afford it.  If there's no electricity we'll give it them in a box with batteries and keep them in supply of batteries.  I would love to find kindred spirits to work with on this wonderful mission.  Let's get to work! 

There are 7 videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpx33tkLe1lFho5Di9SS5kQ

Video 1 Mark's 20 Year Painful Journey 3 min 57 secs
Video 2 The Overview of AHIT Design 4 min 10 secs
Video 3 The Core Message of AHIT 14 min 30 secs
Video 4 Review Core Message & Brief Intro 4 min 8 secs
Video 5 Patentable Ideas of AHIT (1 OF 3) 7 min 53 secs
Video 6 Patentable Ideas of AHIT (2 of 3) 8 min 6 secs
Video 7 Patentable Ideas of AHIT (3 of 3) 9 min 55 secs

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