AACE Enterprises - Automotive Reconditioning to get vehicles "front line" ready for car dealers. Also providing affordable solutions to company's for their fleet services.

Seeking $1,000,000+ to fund large scale automotive reconditioning and repairs that will serve National Partnerships!

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Conceived in March 2022, AACE Enterprises is a company that was founded to partner with automotive dealerships and companies looking to solve their fleet maintenance and repair problems. Our mission is to combine top quality repairs with top quality customer service at a reasonable price. Many automotive repair facilities can do one or the other, we close the gap and provide it all.

  •  The Proponents established the company to provide quality automotive repair and reconditioning services. As we have seen the growing demand for quality automotive repair service, the company will satisfy such popular demand and remain a top provider of such services for years to come by growing to multiple locations throughout the United States. We will establish partnerships with nationwide companies to provide “Front Line Ready” vehicles for their dealerships as well as their fleets of vehicles.   

In the long run, AACE Enterprises will become the best wholesale automotive repair and reconditioning facility in Oklahoma and across the nation. 

AACE Enterprises plans to have nine or more locations by the end of the year 2027. We will grow into this by utilizing one facility as a training center to facilitate growing technicians, service advisors, and service managers. We will cultivate a culture where everyone loves coming to work and ultimately never desires to leave. 

AACE Enterprises provides a wide array of services in the automotive repair industry. Seeing the needs and demands of our selected target market population, AACE Enterprises has come up with the following services which sport never-before-seen-and-experienced improvements and updates compared to similar existing services for our target market and the masses in general:

  1. Top Quality Automotive Repair – We provide top quality repairs to the fleets that partner with us to ensure their vehicles are not costing them revenue by unforeseen breakdowns. We provide true bumper to bumper service for reconditioning vehicles to ensure they are truly Front Line Ready for the dealerships which partner with us. 
  2. Fleet Packages - We have designed special fleet packages that are attractive to fleet managers ensuring their vehicles always stay in top condition. We provide pricing packages that not only keep it affordable but make it advantageous for them to proactively repair and maintain their vehicles. 
  3. Fleet Management - We plan to develop our own fleet management program for fleets to hire us to manage their maintenance and repairs which saves them time and overhead. 
  4. Towing - We provide the ability to repossess vehicles for dealerships that need theses services. With our tow company partnerships, we can ensure that recovery costs are economical. 
  5. Dealer License - We are acquiring our dealer license in Oklahoma to allow us to purchase vehicles from the private and public market to be able to wholesale vehicles that have gone through our reconditioning process to the dealers and the fleets. 
  6. Transportation - We have a few vehicles that are ready to go to provide easy transportation solutions to our partners by providing the ability to move 3-4 vehicles at a time. 

Brandon Crusha, the President for the company, has conducted a market analysis of the location. Utilizing a set of formulas that have become a standard tool for the industry and making estimates very conservatively, he could determine the market potential for this location is $5.5MM of potential available. This is based upon just one large partnership with a dealership that has over 180 dealerships nationwide. 

Using KPI’s provided by this dealership partner, we were able to project the revenue to be approximately $2.88MM. This we believe is still a very modest estimate based on the demand for used cars in today’s market which is rising every day. 

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AACE Enterprises - Automotive Reconditioning to get vehicles "front line" ready for car dealers. Also providing affordable solutions to company's for their fleet services. is no longer seeking funding.