Tony's Team LLC

Rasing $500k to take adavantage of the the real estate market surrounding the largest artillery base in the world.

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I am a licencsed real estate agent in Oklahoma. I work mainly around Ft. Sill artillery base. The news has came out that Ft. sill has just securred 2 contracts worth 1 billion dollars. The contracts are drone and drone defense (laser take down). These two contracts are set to bring just over 300 more troops to Ft. Sill. It will also bring in more civilian contractors and drone manufacturers. Drones are the future of the military which means  there are a lot of opputunity coming to our community. We are having out of state investors coming into town and buying property and land. Right now our real estate median home price is $161k(up 21.6% from last year) compared to the United states median sales price of $440K. There is a big oppurtunity for investors to take advantage of. Why not join up with a local realtor that knows that market, and knows how to take advantage of this oppurtunity.  The $500K will go towards buying properties at below 70% of ARV. It will also go to setting up and establishing the air bnb side of the business. Fort sill has graduations every week, and the graduates family need a place to stay while here. There is also soliders that come in weekly for training. There is a real oppurtunity who is ready to take advantage of this great opportunity with me?

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