😒 - SHIFTING = + 😊 "improving Body Mind and Spirit, because just physical wont cut it today"!

Raising money to help people in todays society cope better with physical, emotional, and physiological training because- physical alone does not cut it anymore.

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  • A cutting edge form of boxing, kickboxing movements where the members learn how to utilize a mixture of orthodox and southpaw combinations that are proprietary to the shifting style. ( It forces people to learn something awkward but when explained in a broken down way, the member will improve almost instantly and  BOOM they have been present enough to learn something the original way. Humans need non pixelated connection).  The rest of the workout would be done with the member in whatever stance they choose (Orthodox or Southpaw). After the members complete the workout their body is loose and warm so stretching with introduction to a few Yoga poses mixed in will get them slowing down and on the floor. The final portion mixes in a short 3-10min Mindfulness Meditation to calm the mind or at least practice/exercise the ability to control our busy minds and just BE. We are after all Human-BEINGS not human doings.
  • There are tons of Gyms and Health and Wellness businesses but non that address the Huge demand for human resilience in this streamlined way.  I have been to a vast array of gyms, dojos, training facilities, yoga, etc. ; HOWEVER,  NONE of them have ever done for people what SHIFT will do to improve there perspective or SHIFT there perspective to a healthier, conscious and resilient perspective.
  • Customers: Women love boutique style group workouts with a trainer/professional fighter. Women- love doing choreographed movements because its similar to a dance move. Women want to learn how to defend themselves. Women also like yoga and mindfulness to finish out before they leave the gym and back out into the busy world. Men are happy because there significant seems more resilient than before. 
  •  Men like learning how to defend themselves and the proper way to hit things. SHIFT movements are all backed by physics and optimal body mechanics. 
  • Men like learning how to use mechanical force and the body is just like any other hand tool, there's a optimal way to use it in order to get the most force, speed, and efficiency. 
  •  Men like to know that what they are learning is the best. Well SHIFTING is Geometrically and Mathematically provable. SHIFTING is superior to any other style, its more efficient and mechanically better. 
  • Kids need SHIFT more now than ever before. Kids are the future and the future of the human connection as a pixelated phone, computer or virtural reality goggles doesn't lead to a good society. Kids today do not have the wisdom to realize that no matter tech savy or connected with the internet we get,  humans are still organic and synthetic connection wont give the human connection that we are designed to have.
  • PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety is increasing as a side of effect for a lack of consciousness in society even when physically in the presence of other humans in society. Pixelated people on there devices become the preferred interaction ;however, that leads to an evolution where humans in the physical form are obsolete.
  • Firefighters, Police, Military, Athletes, Healthcare Workers, Moms, Dads, Families, Troubled Kids, Elderly etc. Are all in need of SHIFT.
  • TEAM- Pro Boxer, Kickboxer, Yoga instructor and Mindfulness Coach.
  • Credential-Ambidextrous ,Special Ops Lieutenant  with a lifetime of passionate interest and practice in the understanding and practical application of self defense movement. Mostly I have a gift for teaching and connecting with people. The intangible thing most people buy initially is the authenticity and likeability of the owner.  I have made  multiple connections with Pro Boxers, Kickboxers and Yoga/Mindfulness coaches and have had tremendously positive feedback. I only scratched the surface of the Idea vaguely with those individuals.
  • Products- Proprietary Shin guards, Gloves, Training Shoes and T-shirts.    
  • SHIFT Facility will utilize lighting, surround sound immersive music, and interior design to enhance the experience and make the Facility or Boutique conducive to a FLOW style experience. Some classes could utilize the drum beat of the music for members to synchronize with in order to give a more unified experience. All movements are easier when in rhythm because it sets a designated and organized pattern, just like breaths per minute or heart rate naturally occur in a pattern.
  • SHIFT could get some of Crossfit, Orange Theory, and 9 Rounds business because all those companies are missing the more complete approach of Body, Mind, and Soul. I have been a member and trained regularly at all of those Gyms and 100% of the time when the workout ends people have this "Whats Missing ?" feeling. Well they feel physically good and have relieved some stress but they kinda stand around and don't really want to leave right away because there is something more they want but they cant put there finger on it. The thing thats missing is Mind exercise and consciousness practice for the soul.  I have never been more sure of anything. The other gyms leave them wanting something more. AND 💥  SHIFT IS BORN !                                                       

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